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Year 3

Year 3 have had a fantastic half term! We have been working extremely hard in all subjects and have made great progress. In English, the children have learnt about the importance of sentence structure and discovered what helps us to make a great sentence. We have also learnt how to write a set of instructions and use the correct presentational and organisational features e.g. bullet points, numbered steps and sub-headings. In our reading lessons, the children have been learning about authorial intent and how important it is, to help the reader build up a picture in their heads of what they are reading.        



In maths the children have been learning about measure (particularly focusing on capacity and mass), they are now able to accurately measure using scales and are able to convert measurements from g to kg and ml to litres. They have also learnt about money, the value of individual notes and coins and how to add and subtract money. Our next focus will be on shape and time.



In science the children have learnt about light. They are able to identify sources of light, explain how light allows us to see and understand how shadows are made and can be altered. The children have loved working scientifically to test theories and prove facts.





In history, we have begun learning about the Romans and their empire. The children have discovered how the reign of the Romans has influenced may aspects of modern-day life in the U.K, like the invention of toilets, drains and aqueducts. We are very lucky to have an amazing set of Roman artefacts to accompany our topic and the children have loved the hands-on experience of getting up close and personal with the objects (especially the life size replica of a Roman shield). In geography we have learnt about the four countries that make up the UK, their capital cities and also about the difference between counties, countries and regions.


In Art, the children had to create a 3d art dragonfly. They began by sketching pictures of different insects and then made a model using wire, feathers, stuffing and assorted art supplies. Finally, the children placed their dragonflies outside in the natural environment.


Taking part in computer lessons and learning to design their own game on Scratch Jnr.