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I am extremely proud to be the head teacher of St. Mary’s Primary School.  Everyday I see our children enjoy their learning and achieve increasingly well.  As a school we are committed to working closely with our parents to ensure that our partnership work benefits the children.  Our staff have high expectations and although many have recently joined the school, they work incredibly hard and are committed to making sure every child at St. Mary’s fulfills their potential and that no one is left behind.


One of our strongest characteristics is that we are a rapidly developing, learning school, confident in our ability to work together in ensuring that all children achieve the best they can.  Over the past years there have been many positive changes to our learning environment, in our organisation and in the learning opportunities we offer. We welcome new changes and new developments, but at the same time we are constantly aware that we must not lose sight of the basic skills that children need and the importance of their personal development and well-being.


We have been graded very positively in many areas of school life including behaviour and safety.  We can see that all our hard work is really beginning to pay off through the children’s rapidly improving achievement throughout the school. We are ambitious in what we want for our children.


St. Mary’s is a truly caring and nurturing school based on four clear principles;


  • We promote generosity of spirit, understanding and tolerance

  • We instil strong values, to guide our decision making

  • We foster a sense of worth, strength and identity as part of our school family

  • We create responsible role models to build successful communities of the future


Life at St. Mary’s is always busy and active, and pupils have many diverse opportunities and experiences throughout the school year. We aim to excite and motivate our children to want to learn and achieve.


Our children are the very best thing about our school. Come and see for yourself.


Miss Sarah Perrett