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Year 1

Year 1 have worked their socks off this half-term! We have been very busy with lots of learning and have had so much fun. All the staff that work with you are SO incredibly proud of you!


In maths, we have been mastering lots of tricky topics. We were introduced to multiplication and division, doing lots of work on sharing and grouping. Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s using songs has been a success! Then we moved on to fractions, looking at halves and quarters. We used practical tasks and did lots of talking about sharing pizza, cake and sweets into EQUAL groups. Finally, we have been learning about position and direction. This has involved lots of games of ‘Simon Says’ focusing on full turns, half turns and quarter turns as well as positional language such as left, right, forwards and backwards. We have shown so much resilience when learning about such difficult concepts!


In English, we have written fabulous poems based on The Sound Collector. We learnt about rhyme and patterns in poetry to create our own poems. Our first book this half-term was ‘There’s a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom’. This book taught us all about the issues surrounding trees being chopped down in the rainforests for palm oil plantations to be built. It made us feel so sad that the orangutans are losing their homes! So, we wrote letters to our friends asking them if they knew how to help us. We have also written a letter to David Attenborough and hope to get a reply!


We have just started a new book called ‘and Tango makes three’ which we are enjoying so far and can’t wait to see how the story unfolds!

In Science, we have revisited our topic of animals through lots of group work to show what we have learnt. We made some fantastic posters showing lots of knowledge and great team-work skills! We have also been out to our allotment and planted lots of vegetables, herbs and plants. 


In History, we have continued our learning about Mary Anning and David Attenborough. We have discussed their legacy and the important work they both did/do during their lifetimes. We have learnt lots about them and used Venn diagrams to compare them.  





In Geography, we have just finished our topic on hot and cold places in the world. We can identify where the equator is, locating the North Pole and the South Pole too. We even used an atlas to find specific countries and continents – this is a very impressive skill!

We have really enjoyed learning lots about Islam this half-term and have had some very mature discussions. We are really proud of the curious and respectful ways children have spoken during these lessons.


We have had so much fun in Art and DT! We have explored textiles and materials, creating a portrait of ourselves in Art. In DT, we looked at the question ‘Can you build a house out of bread?’ – this was very fun and equally as messy!


A highlight this half-term for some of Year 1 was attending the Girls Football Festival. They had a fantastic time and learnt lots of new skills!


Overall, we have had another wonderful half-term together in Year 1. Every child has shown resilience, kindness, respect and a brilliant ‘can-do’ attitude. Phrases like “keep going, you can do it” and “mistakes are okay, they help us learn” are heard regularly in our classroom. You should be so proud of your children.


Thank you as always for your ongoing support. Have a fun-filled break! We look forward to seeing you back in school for our final half-term of year 1.


Miss Watson, Miss Harvey and Miss Meakin