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Year 2

We have worked hard in writing our own recounts based on our personal experiences. We have used our mapping skills through our geography topic. We also linked our learning to our history topic, about our local area. We were able to follow a map on our walk to the canal.  We also directed our teachers around the school to find the clues that were given to us. We really enjoyed finding the different parts of the school through the clues and ended up in a race to see if boys or girls could get to the last clue first by going two separate ways. Our final piece, was to write a recount about our favourite experience around the school or local area. 



In guided reading, we have explored, little people, big dreams focusing on David Attenborough. We learnt that he grew up in Leicester and we used our mapping skills to identify where this is. We also learnt that he still works in television where he has visited animals in their natural habitats. We really enjoyed watching clips on YouTube about him. 


In maths we have looked at position and direction, we have been able to describe the movement of something using words such as backwards, forwards, clockwise, anti-clockwise, full turn, half turn and quarter turn. This was useful when we used our mapping skills and learning about compass points (north, south, east and west).  


We have also started to plant some vegetables in our allotment plot now the nice weather is coming. We have so far planted potatoes. We are excited to plant some more vegetables and watch them grow.  


Both Mrs Allen and Mrs Bolton hope you have a lovely relaxing half term, and we look forward to welcoming you back for the last part of the year 2 summer term.