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In years 2-6, children follow the RWI Literacy and Language programme. This is a complete literacy programme which meets the needs of the national curriculum in a fun and meaningful way.



Benefits of RWI Literacy and Language:


  • Enables every child to develop a deep understanding of what they read.

  • Prepares children for writing using a planning, drafting and revising method.

  • Incorporates drama and discussion as a key part of children’s learning.

  • Covers the grammar and punctuation aspects of the new statutory assessments; raising attainment for all children.


RWI Literacy and Language across school


Children also complete a half termly writing focus which enables them to independently apply the skills that they have learnt in Literacy and Language to their writing. This writing is assessed using national curriculum expectations for each year group.




RWI spelling is a 15 minute a day programme used across school to quickly and effectively imbed spelling rules and patterns. To keep children engaged, aliens introduce spelling rules on an exciting online spelling planet and children complete quick-fire activities in their spelling logs. Progress is accurately recorded using practice tests ensuring that children progress quickly.


Home support


For further guidance on how you can support your child and prepare them for the grammar, punctuation and spelling tests go to;