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Welcome to Year 4 and 5 with

Miss Smith, Mrs Kowalski and Miss Docherty

Welcome back to the Spring term! We have had an action packed first few weeks back and the children have fully immersed themselves back into school life and their learning.


The children are still excited to be using their planners, please ensure you read with your child every night and then write in their planners, as this will earn them extra epraise points. We will also ask children to write homework in their diaries each week as this will help you to track what they are doing in and out of school.


Attendance so far this term has been good and we would like to see this continue. Children can now be awarded epraise points for individual and whole classs attendance (full house).


Our topic this half term is...


Traders and Raiders


Year 4 have been enjoying their new Topic focusing on Vikings. We have been starting to design and create our own Viking Warrior helmets and we have been researching the origin of the Vikings. Next, we will be completing our helmets and learning about the Gods the Vikings prayed to.


‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’


Year 5 have been working really hard this half term and have found their current topic incredibly gruesome but extremely fascinating!


‘Peasants, Princes and Pestilence’ has transported us back in time to 14th century Medieval Britain and Europe. Children have learnt what it takes to become a knight, the armour and weaponry they used and what life was actually like for the peasants of England. Not forgetting the spread of the infectious, contagious, deadly disease- The Black Death. From researching its origin, to tracking the route it took and even leaning about the disgusting symptoms to befall its victims, this is one topic we won’t forget in a hurry!